Welcome to all of you. The whole forecasting.ai team and I are proud to present you the city of Artificial Intelligence, I have named city.forecasting.ai.

city.forecasting.ai is a collective adventure, started at the beginning of the year 2017 and born from a simple observation. We then sought to have a global view on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, as much on the state of the art, technologies, algorithms, as on the problems that revolve around such as ethics, robots that take the place of human beings at work or the risks inherent in any new technology. Faced with the absence of such a glance on the web, city.forecasting.ai was born with the will to compile information, inform as many people as possible, share knowledge and debate on a subject that is still under-explored.

The stakes of Artificial Intelligence, or AI

Artificial Intelligence (whose acronym "AI", referring to the extension of our domain name - which, by the way, is the extension of the Anguilla Islands in the Caribbean, and has nothing to do with Artificial Intelligence) is however regularly emerging in the media and in the headlines of our newspapers, as a technology of the future or as an apple of discord. The stakes of Artificial Intelligence concern in the end the whole of humanity and put in perspective the questions that we will not fail to ask ourselves on the place of man, work, robotization, sharing of wealth in a society dedicated to change drastically.


In a profound and almost mystical way, the AI's approach is a way of understanding man in what he has long considered to be his own specificity: intelligence. And beyond intelligence, to understand man himself and, why not even more, nature, the world, the universe... Far from reducing intelligence to man alone, our approach today will be holistic, to take into account the various forms of intelligence, and not limited to the human. Today, by "mimicking" the behaviour of the human brain, machines allow us to detach ourselves from pure and simple reflection, to delegate these tasks, and thus to step back and finally, to try to understand our essence... A whole program!

To understand artificial intelligence is to understand intelligence, man, nature and computers

With this AI approach, we want to bring what many of us lack today: to understand computers, their intelligence, their "classical" processes and the processes of self-learning algorithms, to understand the (r)evolutions that are underway and what this famous AI can bring to society. In this area, many algorithms take on their "independence" and it becomes difficult to understand the reasoning behind these AIs, just as it is complex to understand how the human brain functions.


So, to demystify AI and make knowledge affordable, we offer city.forecasting.ai to help make concepts, applications, state of the art and perspectives accessible and understandable. Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, to be a place of expression, and to allow everyone to find, here and there in the city of Artificial Intelligence, objective and pedagogical information. For this purpose, we are of course taking all your opinions and suggestions (improvements, new modules...).

Sharing knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and more

Finally, beyond the purely technical aspects, we also wish to widen the debate and allow the sharing of ideas and the definition of long-term visions to conceive Artificial Intelligence as a social, philosophical and common means of improving our society, our environments and our lives, without sacrificing the human and collective essence of our lives.

Thank you all for your presence, and good visit on city.forecasting.ai!


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