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Can Macron relaunch Artificial Intelligence in France?

Emmanuel Macron a présenté 6 chantiers pour faire de la France un leader de l'Intelligence Artificielle. (Capture d'écran Youtube)

What place for Artificial Intelligence in France? On Thursday, at the Collège de France, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron presented his strategy to allow the French back into the race for the AI.To close the conference AI for Humanity, the Head of State unveiled four priority projects in the years to come, with a plan of 1.5 billion euros to finance them. Enough to make France one of the leaders in Artificial Intelligence on the world stage? Not so sure...

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Emmanuel Macron's speech on AI

Le 29 mars au Collège de France lors de AI for Humanity, Emmanuel Macron, le président de la République, présentera la stratégie de la France sur l’intelligence artificielle. (DR)

This Thursday, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the French Republic, was at the Collège de France to present the tricolor strategy on Artificial Intelligence the day after the submission of the report on the same subject for which the mathematician and deputy LREM Cédric Villani was in charge. Find here in full and in video the AI for Humanity conference and the closing speech of the French president Emmanuel Macron.

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