Machine Learning, a new solution found by Google to remove almost all spam in your Gmail mailbox. On Wednesday, Google made a press release to inform customers of new security updates for its Gmail service. And the Machine Learning is more than ever before in dance to tackle Spam and other phishing messages that usually pollute your email service.

Google brings out the heavy artillery! And spamming with a new dedicated machine learning model to enhance the security of its Gmail email service. This information was confirmed by the American giant itself through a press release written in English by Andy Wen, Senior Product Manager of the brand, and released Wednesday on the company's blog : "Keeping your company data safe with new security updates to Gmail".

99.9% of spam on Gmail detected by Machine Learning

Of course, the California-based company has been able to rely on the world's largest available computing power to guarantee "99.9% spam detection" by the Machine Learning. This is a huge "evolution, since spam accounts for between 50 and 70% of the messages received in Gmail,"says the company's manager. We continue to improve the accuracy of spam detection with early phishing detection, a dedicated machine learning model that delays selected messages (less than 0.05% of messages on average) to perform rigorous phishing analysis and further protect user data from corrupted files."

Votre messagerie Gmail sera bientôt totalement protégée, ou presque, des spams grâce au machine learning. (DR)

Chance or coincidence, security updates that arrive just after a large number of Gmail email users have been phoned by exploiting an authentication flaw (See also: "Gmail attaqué par un hameçonnage massif").

The Machine Learning gets a new playground with Gmail

Initially oriented towards pros and companies, this new service should logically soon be extended to private individuals and thus reinforce the security of your e-mail client. With this new technology, Google is also making itself strong to take the Machine Learning out of a classic AI use and to broaden its scope of action. For the happiness and good health of your mailboxes.

Avec le machine learning, Google a également amélioré sa sécurité face aux tentatives de phishing sur Gmail. (Google)

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