Artificial Intelligence to fight against fake news. On Monday, Twitter announced that it had acquired the London start-up specializing in geometrical deep learning to solve fake news.

Will Artificial Intelligence defeat trolls and other fake news disseminated in mass and at high speed on Twitter? In any case, the American company has apparently decided to kick off the hustle and bustle of public conversations on its social network by announcing, on Monday, the acquisition of the London startup Fabula AI.

Fabula AI to "improve the health of conversations"

It was through a press release via its Twitter Engineering account that the Californian company announced the news, not to mention that Fabula AI's research teams and deep graph learning technology will be there first and foremost to "improve the health of Twitter conversations."

In question? Fake news that abounds on a public network open to almost everyone and is then wrongly picked up by thousands of users, whether they are media, public figures or even anonymous. On the company's blog, its Technical Director Parag Agrawal even explains: "This strategic investment in research, technology and deep learning talent will be a key factor in helping people feel safe on Twitter and allow them to see relevant information. He added: Specifically, by studying and understanding the Twitter graph, which consists of millions of Tweets, Retweets and Likes shared on Twitter every day, we will be able to improve the health of the conversation, as well as the products including the calendar, recommendations, explorer tab and integration experience."

Fabula AI, what is it?

Fabula Ai detects network manipulation thanks to a patented Artificial Intelligence system called Geometric Deep Learning. The small English company thus achieves a success rate of 93% in the detection of fake news. It goes without saying that such a step forward could not leave a mastodon who dreams of cleaning up his social network and eliminating all the bots that cause such misinformation.

Avec Fabula AI, Twitter veut lutter contre les fake news avant les élections présidentielles américaines en 2020.

At the time of the American elections in 2016, the fake news had spread like wildfire, faster than the futile attempts to eliminate them. With the acquisition of Fabula AI, Twitter is doing a double job with new technology and a world-class research team on the subject. Talents who will join the Cortex group at Twitter, which is responsible for developing machine learning solutions for social networks. Michael Bronstein, the founder of the English startup, will lead the work on deep graph learning. This is probably something to fight against the diffusion of these fake news when the 2020 presidential campaign in the United States is fast approaching.

First focused on improving the health of social network conversations, Fabula AI will also work on improving Twitter products such as the timeline, recommendations, exploration tab and integration experience. To see if this will be enough to clean up Twitter, which is struggling to compete, especially Facebook (326 million active users per month compared to 2.27 billion for the second)...

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