Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on your machine? This is possible with Microsoft launching the fun application Emoji8, a UWP application for local machine learning in Windows 10. It is now up to you to imitate the emoji chosen randomly as best you can....

Lucky kids! Local Machine Learning from Windows 10, just for you. You are soon immersed in ML, even Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, what the American software publisher Salesforce thinks is the 4th industrial revolution, for example!

Saurez-vous imiter les emoji proposés par Emoji8, l'UWP de Machine Learning local de Windows 10 ?

Well... While waiting for the machines to revolt, you will at least get a taste of Machine Learning or Deep Learning Microsoft version, provided that you have the minimum system requirements for Emoji8. Emoji8, quesaco? In short, it is a universal Windows application platform, or UWP for intimates, available on the Microsoft Store, with the source code on GitHub, which aims to popularize or democratize the use of Machine Learning in the form of a small game.

"Using Windows ML APIs"

On his Windows blog, Microsoft talks about "an application that is fun and accessible to our friends and family who are not technology experts." And adds: "This application will give you an excellent end-to-end example of how you can use Windows ML APIs to create simple and magical experiences."

In detail and after the beautiful promises of the Redmond firm, Emoji8 is a fun application that uses facial recognition to concoct a little game: imitate the emoji selected by the machine through the simple expressions on your face. For each emotion (sadness, joy, surprise, disappointment...) and according to your expressions, the machine will return you a higher or lower percentage of success. Nothing insurmountable, therefore, either for you or for the machine.

Emoji8, from Machine Learning locally

Roughly speaking, a convolutional neural network model processes images from your computer's webcam video stream to recognize the emotions expressed by your face and make them more or less match the emoji selected above (Facial Expression Recognition+Emotion Recognition). The idea is to get an overview of the work and power of convolution neural networks in image recognition through. Their effectiveness is no longer to be demonstrated in image recognition or deep learning in Artificial Intelligence.

Pas besoin de cloud pour Emoji8, l'application de Machine Learning de Microsoft qui tourne en local de Windows 10.

Even stronger, you don't need to connect to a cloud or anything else to get the result and percentage of success of your imitation. Emoji8 runs entirely on Windows 10 local. Provided you have version 1809 of Windows 10 to return to the prerequisites in terms of configuration. A prerequisite for opening up to Windows Machine Learning for the time being!

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