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Artificial Intelligence: an open letter sent to the European Commission

Artificial Intelligence and robotics, a new concern for the European Commission.(Caption robotics-openletter.eu)

Artificial intelligence and robotics soon at the centre of debates in the European Parliament? This is at least the wish of 157 AI experts from 14 EU countries, who have decided to co-sign and address a open letter to the European Commission. Their objective is clearly stated: "We [...] affirm that the creation of European legal rules for robotics and artificial intelligence is relevant to ensure a high safety net for ...

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Artificial Intelligence: An alliance between Chinese giant Alibaba and a university in Singapore

Alibaba has launched its first Artificial Intelligence research center outside China. (DR)

Artificial Intelligence makes eyes soft to the biggest companies and Alibaba, the Chinese Internet giant, is no exception. On Wednesday, the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore issued a press release to officially inaugurate the Alibaba-NTU Singapore Joint Research Institute, which will of course focus on AI research. The press release states in particular that it is the first research centre installed by Alibaba outside China. The objective is the development ...

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Artificial Intelligence: Will robots replace you at work in 2035?

With this program, you will know whether your work will still exist in 2035 or whether your tasks will be carried out by a robot. (DR)

Artificial Intelligence is always at the centre of the debates when it comes to the labour market. Some of them, like Martin Ford, author of Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, predict a job destructive AI. Others, on the other hand, believe that Artificial Intelligence will facilitate the work, freeing oneself for example from certain repetitive tasks and focusing only on those that deserve ...

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Artificial Intelligence reads the terms of use for you

Polisis is an Artificial Intelligence system that reads the General Conditions of Use for you. (https://pribot.org/polisis)

Another example of Artificial Intelligence put at the service of humans. There is a basic principle with the general conditions of use: everyone knows them but nobody reads them! To avoid any unpleasant surprises when you register on a social network or other Internet site, scientists from the universities of Michigan, Wisconsin and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne have created Polisis, an artificial intelligence system that reads ...

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Artificial Intelligence: Nvidia Prohibits GeForce in Data Centers

Nvidia GeForce GPUs are no longer welcome in data centers.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning activities may take a hit with Nvidia's latest announcement! The U. S. firm has just amended the terms of EULA for its Geforce GPUs to prohibit their deployment in data centers, particularly those that perform Deep Learning and AI. The objective? Encouraging the deployment of Quadro or Tesla GPUs, professional models that cost significantly more than the GeForce GPUs originally intended for the general ...

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