Artificial Intelligence fascinates or intrigues you ? To keep you up to date on Artificial Intelligence news, here are 10 personalities to follow on social networks.

Yann LeCun (Twitter : @ylecun ; G+ : Yann LeCun) : Professor at New York University, Frenchman Yann LeCun is the Director of Facebook AI Research (FAIR), the new European research center for Facebook on Artificial Intelligence. An expert in the machine learning and deep learning on which he has been working for 30 years and a graduate of ESIEE and the Pierre et Marie Curie University, he became known in 1996 thanks to the LeNet program, which succeeded in deciphering the handwritten postal codes and became Director of Department at AT&T laboratories.

Rand Hindi (Twitter : @randhindi ; G+ : Rand Hindi) : He is only 32 years old but is already a sure value in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and for good reason ! Born in Paris, Rand Hindi is the founder and CEO of the start-up Snips, which focuses on the daily use of Big Data. A member of the Conseil national du numérique since 2016 and distinguished by the famous magazine MIT Technology Review, Rand Hindi has created the Tranquilien mobile application, capable of predicting train traffic in the Ile-de-France region by combining data and user experiences. For him, Artificial Intelligence has a simple objective:"To make technology disappear". A bold motto that has become his signature on social networks like Twitter.

Martin Ford (Twitter : @MFordFuture ; G+ : Martin Ford) : A mathematician poet could be his nickname. Famous for writing several books, including the futuristic best-seller Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, Martin Ford is also a renowned computer scientist, formerly with the University of Michigan and now leading a software development company in Silicon Valley. He is an expert in robots, Artificial Intelligence and job automation.

Musk : "If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough"

Elon Musk (Twitter : @elonmusk ; G+ : Elon Musk) : With his punchlines, he made his mark in the media. But make no mistake, Elon Musk is a real phenomenon. At only 46 years old and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he founded Paypal, SpaceX, an aerospace company, in 2002 and took over Tesla Motors, a manufacturer of electric cars, in 2008. What does it have to do with Artificial Intelligence, you might say ? We come with OpenAI in December 2015. A center on Artificial Intelligence, which he co-founded for the purpose of "benefiting all mankind". This center currently gathers about ten start-ups in San Francisco.

Andrew Ng (Twitter : @AndrewYNg ; G+ : Andrew Ng) : Another heavyweight in Artificial Intelligence ! A forerunner even who worked for Google until 2012 and launched the deep learning project called Google Brain. After graduating from Berkeley in 2002 and assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University, he joined Baidu, the "Chinese Google", in 2014 as Scientific Director but left his position last March. Andrew Ng is therefore a specialist in machine learning and deep learning, and he likes to teach and share knowledge, hence the creation of Coursera in 2012, a company offering more than 2,000 courses from prestigious schools such as Yale and Stanford.

Artificial Intelligence in person

Jeff Dean (Twitter : / ; G+ : Jeff Dean) : Currently a principal investigator at Google, you won't find him anywhere else than on Google +. Nevertheless, its influence in the field of Artificial Intelligence was so obvious that it seemed inappropriate to deprive oneself of it. Behind this slender silhouette hide MapReduce, an architectural pattern that allows you to manipulate a very large amount of data, Google Brain (which he created with Andrew Ng) or TensorFlow, an open source automatic learning tool. Great manitou of Google projects, it would be really silly to miss out even if the character is rare...

Carol Reiley (Twitter : @robot_md ; G+ : Carol Reiley) : Here's one, in a rather masculine world, which has a crush on autonomous cars ! A companion of Andrew Ng, Carol Reiley is a robotic engineer and president of Drive. ai, a start-up that she launched herself to achieve her goals and develop, perhaps, the Artificial Intelligence that will drive the cars of tomorrow.

Bryan Johnson (Twitter : @bryan_johnson ; G+ : /) : American venture capital and entrepreneur, Bryan Johnson made $800 million in 2013 after the sale of Braintree, a start-up that developed an online payment system, to PayPal, then a subsidiary of eBay. Since then, this Mormon became a philanthropist and decided to put Artificial Intelligence at the service of humanity. How ? By creating Kernel in 2016 with the ambition of building an implantable device to improve brain function in humans and, in the long term, improve their quality of life.

Matthew Zeiler (Twitter : @mattzeiler ; G+ : /) : With his company Clarifai, he dedicated himself to image and video recognition by creating a platform for this purpose. His reasoning is ultimately very simple: Artificial Intelligence will be able to interact in the real world if it can first observe it.

Sebastian Thrun (Twitter : @SebastianThrun ; G+ : Sebastian Thrun) : Another Artificial Intelligence egg-laying professor at Stanford University ! Born in Solingen and German by birth, Sebastian Thrun is the president and founder of Udacity, a company specialising in research on the autonomous car. Winner of the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2005 with Stanley, he is also one of the co-developers of Google Street View. His theories on probabilistic robotics are now references in this field.

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