Artificial intelligence and robotics soon at the centre of debates in the European Parliament? This is at least the wish of 157 AI experts from 14 EU countries, who have decided to co-sign and address a open letter to the European Commission. Their objective is clearly stated: "We [...] affirm that the creation of European legal rules for robotics and artificial intelligence is relevant to ensure a high safety net for the citizens of the European Union while promoting innovation."
Just like Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking who themselves had already written an open letter on Artificial Intelligence these experts are"concerned by the European Parliament Resolution on Civil Law Rules on Robotics and its recommendation to the European Commission in paragraph 59 f): 'The creation, in the long term, of a legal personality specific to robots, so that at least autonomous robots the most sophisticated can be considered as electronic persons responsible for repairing any damage caused to a third party; it would be conceivable to consider as an electronic person any robot that makes autonomous decisions or interacts independently with third parties.
As a result, these 157 signatories request the European Union to '"encourage the development of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics industry to limit health risks and ensure human safety" and "create an applicable framework for the development of AI and innovative and reliable robotics with the aim of creating great advances for the European peoples and the common market."Raja Chatila, President of the IEEE, Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligence Systems, Max Dauchet, President of the CERNA Ethics Committee, and Noel Sharkey, Professor of AI and Robotics (United Kingdom) are some of the 157 signatories of this open letter.

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