Artificial Intelligence reads the terms of use for you

Polisis is an Artificial Intelligence system that reads the General Conditions of Use for you. (

Another example of Artificial Intelligence put at the service of humans. There is a basic principle with the general conditions of use: everyone knows them but nobody reads them! To avoid any unpleasant surprises when you register on a social network or other Internet site, scientists from the universities of Michigan, Wisconsin and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne have created Polisis, an artificial intelligence system that reads ...

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Artificial Intelligence: Nvidia Prohibits GeForce in Data Centers

Nvidia GeForce GPUs are no longer welcome in data centers.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning activities may take a hit with Nvidia's latest announcement! The U. S. firm has just amended the terms of EULA for its Geforce GPUs to prohibit their deployment in data centers, particularly those that perform Deep Learning and AI. The objective? Encouraging the deployment of Quadro or Tesla GPUs, professional models that cost significantly more than the GeForce GPUs originally intended for the general ...

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Artificial Intelligence: ThinQ, the new brand of LG

LG launches the ThinQ brand for its products that incorporate Artificial Intelligence. (Flickr)

Artificial intelligence is more than ever the business of the giant LG in this early 2018. The South Korean company has indeed announced, in a press release distributed via its newroom, the launch of the ThinQ range to identify all its products that will embark IA on board in 2018! “The purpose of the ThinQ brand is to highlight that LG intelligent products are always thinking of you in order ...

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Laurence Devillers (CNRS) : "The world of research is on hold"

En France, la recherche en Intelligence Artificielle est en attente du rapport de la mission Villani. (DR)

Recognized and listened in Artificial Intelligence, Laurence Devillers, professor at Paris-Sorbonne, CERNA-Allistene member, researcher in AI at LIMSI-CNRS and author "Des robots et des hommes: mythes, fantasies et réalité", shares her feelings on the mission entrusted to Cédric Villani, MP LREM, on the AI.


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Jean-François Bonnefon (CNRS): "Moral Machine Approaching 40 Million Answers"

Perhaps soon in circulation, autonomous cars may have cases of conscience to deal with, like Moral Machine.

Do you know Moral Machine? And if tomorrow, an autonomous car had no choice but to kill its passengers or pedestrians in the configuration of an unavoidable accident, how and who should it choose? Jean-François Bonnefon, director of research at the CNRS and the originator of the project, who wished to confront people with this reality, tells us more about Moral Machine.

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