Emmanuel Macron's speech on AI

Le 29 mars au Collège de France lors de AI for Humanity, Emmanuel Macron, le président de la République, présentera la stratégie de la France sur l’intelligence artificielle. (DR)

This Thursday, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the French Republic, was at the Collège de France to present the tricolor strategy on Artificial Intelligence the day after the submission of the report on the same subject for which the mathematician and deputy LREM Cédric Villani was in charge. Find here in full and in video the AI for Humanity conference and the closing speech of the French president Emmanuel Macron. 

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Stephen Hawking, an intelligence without artifice

Stephen Hawking s'est toujours méfié des dérives de l'Intelligence Artificielle. (DR)

Artificial Intelligence was not his specialty but he had enough aura to make his voice heard on this subject. Stephen Hawking, a renowned British scientist, astrophysicist and genius specialist in black holes, died on Wednesday at the age of 76 from Charcot's disease. Information that has gone around the world for this man who never departed from his humour when delivering his opinions on AI. What if Stephen Hawking was an early-warner?

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Forecasting.ai was at the AI Forum and tells you about his evening

A Forum on Artificial Intelligence was organized last January at the Maison de la Radio (Paris, France). (DR)

Studio 104 of the well-stocked Maison de la radio, Artificial Intelligence attracted a crowd for the AI Forum organized by France Inter and Libération on January 24th. Articulated around three axes (the AI in our societies, our lives and our minds), this IA Forum will not revolutionize neither the way of perceiving Artificial Intelligence, nor the way of practicing it. Present for the occasion, Forecasting. ai told you more and tells you what it has learned.

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Artificial Intelligence: An alliance between Chinese giant Alibaba and a university in Singapore

Alibaba has launched its first Artificial Intelligence research center outside China. (DR)

Artificial Intelligence makes eyes soft to the biggest companies and Alibaba, the Chinese Internet giant, is no exception. On Wednesday, the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore issued a press release to officially inaugurate the Alibaba-NTU Singapore Joint Research Institute, which will of course focus on AI research. The press release states in particular that it is the first research centre installed by Alibaba outside China. The objective is the development ...

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Artificial Intelligence: Will robots replace you at work in 2035?

With this program, you will know whether your work will still exist in 2035 or whether your tasks will be carried out by a robot. (DR)

Artificial Intelligence is always at the centre of the debates when it comes to the labour market. Some of them, like Martin Ford, author of Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, predict a job destructive AI. Others, on the other hand, believe that Artificial Intelligence will facilitate the work, freeing oneself for example from certain repetitive tasks and focusing only on those that deserve ...

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